Welcome to www.airmailbargains.co.uk – an exciting new budget website designed to offer an easy, cost effective direct purchase opportunity for both starter and established collectors/dealers to develop their airmail collections and stock at minimum cost. It features

  • 600+ airmail covers, first and special flights and airmail ephemera, the majority ranging from £2.50-£10.00 with no buyers’ premium
  • Fast and easy searching through 30+ different airmail collecting categories to which each item is assigned, at the press of a button
  • A selection of notable features for every item to guide further research and help with writing a description, thereby adding to the item’s interest and value
  • A title and life size front and back scans of every item irrespective of cost

Airmail collecting is one of the few fields of philately where you can compile a collection for a modest cost and, through internet research, enhance and add real value to the collection immediately

The new Airmail Bargains website has been created to enable you to do just this.

  •  Assemble a themed (say) 10 cover starter collection for as little as £30. The tags on the website for each cover will help with this.
  • Prepare a short description of each cover using its website title and tags to guide your internet research.
  • Mount each cover with its description below on a single A4 page, or display in a cover album.


More details of how to do this can be found on the ‘Using this website’ page, click the button below.